In addition Important, Body or Mind?

One of many hardest dogmas to interrupt in the present scientific paradigm is something called reductionism. That's, chunking down things into smaller and smaller parts so that you can gain deeper insight into it�s nature. All sects of contemporary biology and medicine continue in this pursuit despite the fact that being a principle it absolutely was heavily challenged inside the 1920's using the creation of Quantum Physics.


It�s as if almost all researchers have naively pushed it aside and only the older and much easier model. The existing model is just one of expected outcomes. It states that whenever a billiard ball hits another, the vector of both balls upon impact is predictable and simply measurable. Those laws of physics remain correct, nevertheless they are already super-ceded in a few areas and added to in other people.

Science, however, has not yet overlooked the brand new paradigm altogether, instead it's harnessed it�s principles to produce many of the most useful and advanced technology experienced on the earth. Things like MRI, wifi, bluetooth, computer chips, mobile devices and lot�s more supply trusted the discoveries made in early 20th century from the pioneers with the new physics.

In biology, though, it�s largely been ignored by the mainstream researchers, so the old model continues to be the gold-standard form of measurement and analyses. It�s reductionist system pulls things aside from organism to system to organ to tissue to cell to molecule to electrical signal to atom last but not least subatomic particle. Using this exploration, they are trying to peer ever-closer to the place where a thought originates.

They hope that by revealing smaller plus more detailed layers of life they are going to unlock the last starting place of consciousness. They reason why reality is mysterious yet because our microscopes aren�t powerful enough. Continuing on this path with prove fruitless. Although insights along the way have assembled many useful pieces of the puzzle, the photo will never be 100% clear and complete like this alone.

The science of consciousness as it is being studied within the mainstream currently by different types of neuroscientists has produced a great and clear understanding of the way the a few mind assembles itself to give that which you experience as a thinking mind.

Don�t misunderstand me, the wide array of neuropeptides, hormones, electrical signals, brain circuits and cellular interactions has built a really impressive theory from the biology of consciousness.

What it didn't do, however, and just what it's going to continue to fail at, is probing deep enough to find the origin of consciousness in a biological construct.

You won't ever flick about the TV or open a newspaper and hear concerning the latest journal article which has proclaimed to get seen a memory, or found an experience, or visualised a color, or witnessed creativity, or decoded a smell. They're all experiences in consciousness. Yes, they correlate to, but are not limited to the creativity of brain chemistry. We realize that when someone pulls out a memory, that the neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine is involved. But does that molecule contain a genuine picture, smells, tastes, feelings and emotions of the memory or could it have been just the key to open the memory bank?

The best the existing scientific paradigm gives us is the perfect plus more detailed map. The quality of clarity of describing the landscape continues to show phenomenal accuracy, but we can't have the ability to fully recreate the landscape from a bunch of molecules and neuro-circuitry.

You can not crack open someone�s head and pull out the exact picture of your experience. It�s simply not within. All of the necessary mechanisms to make it work are there, however. So in a state of pleasure such as eating a piece of chocolate, listening to a baby�s laughter or having sex, you will see a cascade of Dopamine and other molecules released on the various emotional centres with the brain.

This pulsating cascade of molecules and electrics is unquestionably among natures most breathtaking masterpieces of biological engineering.

Your brain may be the living transformer of consciousness into form.

It really is biology�s translator of knowledge into readable code, similar to a tv set allows visual information to be seen from the observer. The complex circuitry inside the TV is the channel-er with the signal. The characters, emotions, plots, sounds and scenery usually are not inside the TV. They may be experienced from the device inside a harmonious symphony of signal and scenery.

It�s a coupling of transmission and transmitted.

A decoding of invisible into visible.

A representation with the unmanifest.

Our own brain, the physical machinery, is similar to the tv set. It�s sophisticated circuitry will be the fantastic hardware which allows expression of spirit. Without our form, the unmanifest soul or spirit doesn't have vehicle through which to generate expression.

A physique without spirit is similar to a TV lacking any aerial. The signal was ever present, in mid-air and in the space between objects, but until that message has spot to channel it�s output, the spirit remains a potentiality in wave form. The TV collapses the wave into particles associated with and colour viewed by all who choose to look at and listen.

A person's spirit collapses into particles of dopamine in a moment of pleasure and molecules of noradrenaline in a moment of tension.

If the TV is not connected to power, or you will find missing and broken parts inside the box, the signal will come out faulty, whenever. To make a concept in matter from what was only a potential in spirit requires the intricacies of organic molecules and cells dancing in rhythmic measure.

Missing nutrients, excessive toxins, faulty wiring or invading organisms will disorder the finely honed signal transducer that is our brain.

This fact highlights and validates the idea of �healthy body - healthy mind�. They are a coupled and inseparable pair. The magnificence of Mozart or perhaps the compassion of Mandela could not see the light of day without spirit�s translation through matter.

To state the first is better than another is nonsense. To study one-by-one at the tariff of one other is much like pulling apart the TV and looking to see the movie inside. Or conversely attempting to explain the film in terms of the vibrational megahertz waves in mid-air.

The best explanation we must date is always that spirit & matter (or body & mind) are in reality an interlinked and mutually dependent coupling of interactions. Neither has earthly relevance with no other. You have a body to translate spirit, and you've got a spirit to bounce inside you.


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